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Municipal Leaders Inspected The Safety Work of Production of The Group

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In the afternoon of December 7th, Hangzhou deputy mayor Qi Xiaohu headed the directors of city safety supervision bureau, bureau of city water , bureau of quality supervision, public security fire department and other relevant departments, in the accompany of party committee member of Dajiangdong industrial cluster area, deputy Director of management committee Xuchang and the Dajiangdong Market and Safety Supervision Bureau, Land Planning Bureau (Water), Public Security Fire Branch, Linjiang Enterprise Service Center and other relevant person in charge, came to the group to inspect safety work of production. The chairman of group, president Qi Jian’er, the secretary of party committee Gao Dexian reported the relevant situation of safety work of production.

Qi Jian’er said in the report, we have always attached great importance to the safety work of production every month, every quarter of the regular production safety inspection and a regular meeting of safe production should be carried out, implement security risks investigation and rectification, strengthen sense of responsibility, fasten the line of defense of safety production, and constantly improve the system construction, vigorously carry out the educational training for staff safety and fire emergency drills, and strive to enhance the culture of safety of production, maintaining a good momentum of safe production.

The inspection team gave fully affirmation through the on-site inspection and report to the safety production of the Group。 The vice mayor Qi Xiaohu said, after watching the overall layout of Fulida, I have a new understanding of the Fulida。 It has been at the forefront of industry all the time, Fulida can reflect a policy advocacy requirements and social responsibility to play from all aspects。 Qi Xiaohu hopes that Fulida will keep its safety in mind and put the responsibility into practice, firmly establish the safety consciousness, tighten the safe production of this string, and strengthen the construction of a new system of safety supervision, and further organize the inspection of the safety production, and implement the safety production work, to ensure life and property safety of staff。

(Source: 《Fulida Newspaper》)