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11 Xiaoshan Enterprises Passed the "Provincial Test" into a Credit Management Model Students

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Recently, Zhejiang Province Enterprise Credit Promotion Association announced the 2015 "Zhejiang Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise" list, a total of 11 enterprises of our district were among the list, of which five newly identified enterprises, six renewal enterprises, involving automation equipment manufacturing, technology research and development, food production and other industries, these enterprises ranked the forefront of the list from the quantity and quality .


In the newly identified enterprises, including Hangzhou Qianjiang Electric Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xiaoshan Agricultural Production Materials Co., Ltd., Liuqiao Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jin Di Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Ming Xiao Network Technology Co.,.


The successfully renewed enterprises include Huiyu Holding Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiulong Kitchenware Group Co., Ltd., Shengda Group Co., Ltd., Fulida Group Holdings Co., Zhejiang Wanfeng Enterprise Group Company, Zhejiang Dongfang Culture Park Travel Industry Group Co., Ltd.


It is understood that the cultivate identification activity of "Zhejiang Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise" is to promote enterprises to enhance the level of credit management, put credit management into the enterprise development strategy and carry forward the enterprise transformation and upgrading.


The revelant officers in Xiaoshan District Market Supervision and Administration introduced, Zhejiang Province credit management demonstration enterprises are mainly for enterprises with a typical demonstration of the role of good credit management institutions, completed credit management system, distinctive credit management effect, fine social credit image.


                                               (Source:《Xiaoshan Daily》)


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