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Dajiangdong 23 companies were selected as the city's first batch of provincial science and technology enterprises

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Recently, reporters learned from the Economic Development Bureau, 2016 Hangzhou’s first batch of scientific and technological enterprises in Zhejiang Province were officially issued, a total of 270 enterprises were identified as the first batch of science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2016。 The Dajiangdong enterprises were in a total of 23, accounting for 8。5% of the overall。 Till the 23 provincial science and technology enterprises were announced, Dajiangdong districe has a total of 53 national high-tech enterprises, 140 provincial science and technology enterprises, 118 municipal high-tech enterprises, 10 developing enterprises。 With active guidence and full preparations for the submission of first batch of Zhejiang Province this year, Dajiangdong economic development board actively encouraged the enterprises in the clusters to submitt from the beginning of the year。


News Link: Dajiangdong 23 enterprises of “The first batch of Zhejiang Province science and technology enterprises in 2016” are Hangzhou Yi Bang Spandex Co。, Ltd。, Zhejiang Guanghan Environmental Protection Technology Co。, Ltd。, Hangzhou Cylon Power Co。, Ltd。, Zhejiang Dinglong Technology Co。, Ltd。, Hangzhou Polymerization of the new materials Co。, Ltd。, Hangzhou Zhuang Li Dyeing and Finishing Co。, Ltd。, Hangzhou Chemical Co。, Ltd。, Hangzhou Gelinda Chemical Co。, Ltd。 and other enterprises。


                      (Source: 《Dajiangdong Today》)

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