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The future of China's textile industry is to form a new three-board industry structure

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"At present, the uncontrollable, unknown factors of the global economic development are increasing, the field of 'black swan' events occur frequently, we must make some change, innovatively development。 From the global perspective, living in change, China is still the development of world's most important growth engine。 " On December 12th, the chairman of China Textile Industry Federation Sun Ruizhe said at 2016 China Textile Innovation Annual Meeting


Sun Ruizhe indicated, “Despite the growth of development is flat, various challenges front the development, China's textile industry remains stable in the national economy, the trade share in world textile and apparel is still increasing, the industry's new economy has shown great vitality.”


Relevant data shows that from January to October of this year, the overall growth rate of textile economy slowed down, export growth continued negative growth as last year, the domestic growth rate dropped significantly, the overall demand is sluggish, in this overall situation, in the Chinese appreal industry regulations the enterprises still made a good growth.


In fact, the future of China's textile industry is to build innovation-driven technology industry, the responsible developed green industry and culture-led fashion industry.


To achieve this goal, the industry needs to comply with the "Textile Industry Development Plan (2016 - 2020)" and "Textile Industry ‘Thirteen Five-year Plan’ Scientific and Technological Progress", focusing on promoting the implementation of six developments - technological innovation as the starting point to achieve innovation development, intelligently manufacturing for the direction of fine development, integrating the industry and finance as the handle to achieve the integration of development, aiming at culture self-confidence as the goal to the fashion development, focusing on social responsibility to achieve inclusive development, construct system as the core to achieve linkage development。


Sun Ruizhe pointed out that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's textile industry has achieved fruitful development: steady growth in scale efficiency, sustained deepening of structural adjustment, steadily improved innovation ability, promoted brand building and green development has achieved remarkable results. But at the same time, China's textile industry and China's macroeconomic are facing the same challenge: the contradictions between innovative development and transformation and upgrading, capacity structure and effective demand, environmental constraints and economic development. During "13th Five-Year" period, the textile industry under the three contradictions need to coordinate the development of the current situation with the three relations, which is the relationship between the industry, environment and consumption.


"Focus on the three major relationships, the industry needs to make three changes, which is, from the traditional industries or labor-intensive industries to the technology industry, fashion industry, green industry changes, to form China's textile industry 'new three board' industrial structure - manufacturing industry plate , the fashion industry plate, the technology industry plate. The three plates are not three separate plate, but full of infinite possibilities of cross-border integration and value symbiotic. "Sun Ruizhe said that.


                                                 (By: China Economic Times)

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