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2017 Xinjiang will promote the textile industry increased by 50%

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Recently, reporters have informed from the regional economic and information technology work conference that 2017 Xinjiang will promote the textile industry increased by 50%, add more than 100,000 new jobs.


The conference pointed out that in 2017, Xinjiang should vigorously implement the "China Made 2025 Xinjiang Action Program", set up a strategic advisory committee to make overall plan of industry development. Promote the construction of Xinjiang manufacturing innovation center, explore and establish strategic emerging industry development fund, formulate the first autonomous region (sets), the implementation approach to the first batch of product incentives, and strengthen the docking of national intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and other key special work.


In the promotion of employment, we should vigorously develop labor-intensive industries as the starting point, promote the implementation of Huimin project, achieve employment in Xinjiang, employment to stablize Xinjiang, employment to rich Xinjiang, and make continuous improvement for people's livelihood. Achieve a new breakthrough on the ground in the clothing, home textiles, industrial textiles and other deep processing projects, pushing the textile industry increased by 50%, adding more than 100,000 new jobs.


In 2017, Xinjiang will also deepen the reform of the power system, speed up the pace of marketization reform of electricity transactions, and further expand direct trade, bilateral transactions and electricity substitution, while the transaction scale reaching 10 billion kwh, promoting the electric heating price policy, speeding up the new breakthrough in the process of electrification in Xinjiang.


Bazhou Deputy Governor Zhang Chengyi and relevant leaders in departments at the Bazhou sub-district attended the meeting.

                                                          (By:Tianshan Internet)

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