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The textile industry solidly promoted green development

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Garden-style plant, orderly weaving, finishing, dyeing and finishing workshop. Recently, the "Economic Daily" reporter followed the "China Textile Ecological Civilization Miles" into the Hubei Jia Linjie Textile Co., Ltd., where the green development is impressive. "Relying on advanced technology and equipment, adopting small bath ratio, ultra-low bath ratio and other advanced technology, to improve the high-grade fabric fabric dyeing and finishing process, which not only improve the product quality, also achieve the goal of green production." The manager of Jia Linjie Textile Co., Ltd. Yang Shibin said.


The Party Secretary and Secretary-Generalof China Textile Industry Federation Gao Yong told reporters, Hubei Jia Linjie achieves a true sense of the dyeing and finishing process of cleaner production, which greatly improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, achieve the goal of energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, it not only fill the blank of central and southern regions and even the printing and dyeing production, but also makes a demonstration for the textile printing and dyeing industry transformation and upgrading, green manufacturing.


"From the enterprise level to carry out the creation of ecological civilization can gather experience for the textile industry and the entire industrial ecological civilization construction." China Textile Industry Federation Vice President Sun Huai-bin said. From 2014 onwards, China Textile Industry Federation and the China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association jointly developed the "Training and Creation of Textile Industry Ecological Civilization Demonstration Enterprise Evaluation Index System", put the ecological economy, environment, human settlements, culture, system 5 module of nearly 60 indicators as a basis for scoring. "The ultimate goal of evaluating is to put the economic efficiency, resource consumption, environmental risk, education and training, social responsibility and other indicators into the system, so that the system can become the evaluation criterion of textile industry, the construction of ecological civilization." Sun Huai said.


Gao Yong said that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the textile industry will continue to promote the projects of energy efficiency and water efficiency standards, to accelerate the construction of waste textile recycling and recycling system, and actively construct green factories, build green supply chain, shoulder the green development of social responsibility。

                                                        (By: Economic Daily)

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