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The new international eco-textile standard came into effect in April

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In January 2017, the International Environmental Textile Association released the latest version of Oeko-Tex Standard100 criterion eco-textile testing s tandards and limited value requirements. After a three-month transition period, the new standard will take effect on April 1, 2017. The new standard refers to the current international laws and regulations, through the new study of substances and strict control of the limited value of the textile chemical residues in the chemical monitoring, which has reached the most stringent.


Compared with the 2016 version, the new standard on the supervision of harmful chemicals has been further upgraded, it strengthen control to the 2 pesticides, 21 kinds of phthalates and 3 kinds of organotin compounds and other substances。 "Oeko-Tex" is the the authority of the ecological textile standards that recognized by world's textile industry, products through the certification are known as "confidence in the textile"。 As a result of its full action to support global brands and retailers, the goal of joint laboratory "harmful chemicals zero emissions contracting brand organization (ZDHC)", so many large buyers in Europe and the United States purchase product with the technical basis Oeko-Tex Standard 100 criterion。 With the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 criterion, the eco-textile market has obvious advantages, not only for the smooth sales, but also the 20% -30% higher price of ordinary textiles, emphasizing the ecological safety performance of the product has become a new trend in international textile trade。 However, China has not yet completely get rid of the low-end textile products in the main situation, we still need to continuely pay attention to in the textile eco-safety certification to promote the potential work。


Inspection and sanitary authority recommended textile enterprises should keep abreast of the latest version of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ceriterion parameters, as soon as possible to improve the production process, strengthen the product ecological security checks, and keep up with international pace。 At the same time, China's textile enterprises should actively adopt the the international recognition of products by ecological certification, put increasing the value-added products and technical content as a prerequisite for international competition, so as to ensure the safety of China's textile products into the international market。


                                               (By: China Gateway Times)

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