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Viscose Polyester Weaving Printing and Dyeing Trade Thermoelectric Environmental Protection Investment


Zhejiang Shuangtu New Materials Co。, Ltd。 was established in 2010。 It is the first large project implemented by Fulida Group and its partners with the strategy of “win-win cooperation"。 Its total investment is of 3 billion yuan and could be completed with 1 million tons of differentiated fiber annually in two-period。


The polyester engineering of Shuangtu New Materials adopts China Textile Design Institute’s most advanced textile technology "one head, two ends", with the single-line production capacity of 500,000 tons per year. Its each technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. The spinning project adopts the imported Germany Barmag package and the combination of Beijing Chonglee box and Japan TMT winding head. It produces differential products and products with special shape, moisture absorption, sweat releasing functions such as superfine denier yarn. It has has far-reaching significance in promoting China's chemical fiber industry to develop new materials and new technology and strengthening the headquarters economy of Fulida Group. 

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Corporate name:Zhejiang Shuangtu New Materials Co。, Ltd。

Company address:Weiliu Road, Linjiang High-tech District, Dajiangdong, Hangzhou

Administrative Hotline:0086-571-83508010

Marketing Hotline:0086-571-83508055


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